Monday, August 5, 2013

Limited Edition Wet n' wild eyeshadow swatches

I have seen so many blog post and youtube video's lately about these limited edition wet n' wild palettes.  I was so excited that I had to run out and find them.  I went everywhere and no one had them.  I have been waiting impatiently for these to come here.  I went to rite aid and walgreens for a couple of good sales yesterday and guess what I found?  You guessed it they were finally here.  I grabbed 5 of the 6 they have it the collection.

34165 A Regular at the Factory
First I will show you my favorite.  My favorite color is Orange.  As always these are very pigmented and very soft.  The orange and blue appear to be matte and the yellow appears to have a little bit of shimmer.

  34165 I'm Seeing Triples!
I am a little scared of this palette.  The Purple is more of a pink/mauve than a real purple.  This color has a satin finish and the other to colors are matte.

34167 Three's A Party
The white and black are matte and the red has a little bit of shimmer.  

34169 To Muse and Carouse
I love this palette because of the neutrals.  I think this is the most wearable of all the palettes in this collection. These are a little more sheer than all the other palettes but if you used a base these could really pop.  These do appear to have a satin finish.

34164 Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!
The pink and purple appear to have a satin finish and the yellow is a matte.  

I love wet n' wild eyeshadow they are so pigmented.  I am so excited to use these.


  1. They have such cute colour combinations - I really like muse and carouse!

  2. I actually used those today and I think they are the most wearable. Love them!


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